Shower Tents and Gray Water

Im outfitting my teardrop with a water heater and shower, and its got me wondering if Im allowed to use in like State Parks. Is shower water, with non toxic camp soap still considered “gray water” ? I mean, technically it is, but there isnt food, or any toxic chemicals that would attract or harm plants or animals. Probably more of a question for Rangers at the State Parks, but has anyone had any experiences with this situation?

Have come across many state and federal campgrounds that say no waste water can be dumped on the ground, all must be disposed of in the bathroom sinks or dump station.

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My answer is. It all depends on the particular park, or forest.

I have noted that many have the rule on paper, but do not enforce it, much like the alcohol bans in State Parks, meanwhile I have seen more liquor bottles on state park picnic tables than at my local tavern and nobody says anything.

IF you want to avoid potential hassles, though, collect your gray water where required, and dispose of it properly.

Amazon sells small collapsible pet pools. I got one sized to fit in the shower side of my Ensuite, and I just pour it out into a drain after I am done with the shower. One of those blue gray water carriers will help you out if you don’t want to make multiple trips per day.

It’s best to be prepared instead of being forced to use the public showers especially how filthy they tend to be and the fact we are in COVID world, I find it best to have your own sanitary facilities…