Show us your trailer

My truck is a 2015 with 2.7L Eco-Boost that does have the tow package. I bought it used and am trying to figure out the specs but can tow 7600 - 8200lbs depending on the gearing it was ordered with. My TT is only 2500lbs dry with 180lb tongue weight (3500lb axle) and loaded about 3000lbs with 350lb tongue weight. I do use a load leveler hitch and sway control. The truck pulls easily and has good torque with the Eco-Boost even though its only 2.7L but I have not taken it up into the mountains yet. This trailer is about half of what yours would be though. Hope this helps.

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Great info! Thank you!

That’s a great photo! We also have a 2017 Basecamp, in VT. But we have plans to get it out west more this summer.