Semi-New to camping in PA - Season / Earliest Trip

Most of my camping has been in the southwest, except for scout camping trips in Southeastern PA, including a winter trip to Resica Falls. My girls, however arent the die-hard that I am. With COVID-19, they have agreed that camping may be an acceptable alternative. What does the normal camping season run in Southeastern PA? I don’t want them to freeze now that they’ve agreed to leave their comfort zones.

I think usually the season will run from April- end of October (though it probably changes with each campground). We camped last year at Gambrill State Park (technically just over Maryland border-but very close to the PA line). It was early April and we had some really cold nights (20’s). We just made the plan that since it was so cold, and we had an electric site, we used a small space heater for overnight. We have an old senior dog and I feel zero percent guilty about that. I would never have done that if it wasn’t so dang cold. It made it tolerable for the dog though. I would do the same if I was trying to convince my kids to try camping!

@M_J good point about the space heater just in case. We do have a ln LP furnace in our travel trailer, but I wouldn’t feel bad about taking a small heater to help out in case it gets really cold.

It was really cold. Our poor dog didn’t know what to make of it. I’m glad we had it! We plan another trip (Cowans Gap) for mid April this year and will have it again. 15 year old dogs get all they need!

Link to: TimeAndDate - Philadelphia Climate