Seldom used campsites in Southern California

Where can you go camping in Southern California where there are not a lot of other campers?

Hi Erik, where you able to get any suggestions or find some isolated spots in SoCal?
We’re in the same situation…thanks.

You can try areas outside Anza Borrego or in the Cuyamacas. SoCal is super popular, so super crowded.

I have not. I am in Los Angeles. I have found some small campgrounds in Ventura County that I plan to check out once the snow melts. I also plan to look for spots for dispersed camping.

There’s a couple locations next to Mt. Pinos and in the hills next to Lake Casitas. Mostly accessible though only 4x4. It’s pretty muddy and still snowy up there these days. Also, because of last year’s fires burnt away the vegetation whose root systems normally hold the dirt hills together, we are looking at the possibility for a lot of mudslide conditions.

Thank you. I actually have been researching that area and have found a lot of good possibilities. I also want to look for dispersed campsites in that area. I am waiting for the snow to melt and for the mud to dry before I drive up there in my 2 wheel drive chevy silverado to explore possible places to go camping. Like you mentioned, I also want to find out information about the current road conditions so that I know that I can access the roads in my truck.