San juan island reccomendations

if you’re only able to go to one, what would be the best island for tent camping?

Easy choice for me - Orcas Island
Fair warning, I am biased because I’ve been going to Orcas for nearly 2 decades. But still, I am confident that Orcas Island should be your #1 tent camping destination in the San Juans. Moran State Park sits on the edge of the gorgeous Cascade Lake, which is just one of the 5 freshwater lakes in the boundaries of the park. There are also 5 different campground areas to choose from within Moran State Park. But it’s the incredible hiking, sightseeing, swimming, and the cute downtown area that makes Orcas Island the premiere San Juan Islands destination. You can hike all morning, swim in the afternoon, and then go have a great dinner in town or enjoy a beer at Orcas Island’s own brewery, Island Hoppin’ Brewery. Orcas Island is not to be missed!

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My blood pressure decreased just reading this :laughing:

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I used an outfitter last summer to kayak and camp in the San Juans. My favorite was on tiny little Posey Island, all one acre of it! you have to Kayak in, and there are only two camp sites. But its super cool to have a whole island to yourself.