Safe towing speed

I’m going to buy a 5er soon, but just had an observation I wanted to bring to all of you. I’ve seen huge trailers going like 70mph, but I’ve also seen others crawling on the highway at 55. Are people trying to be safe or is there an optimal speed for the best miles per gallon? thanks in advance

I’m not an owner but I have heard of a “65mph rule” or “law of 65mph” or something like that. Basically, don’t go over 65 if you want to be safe. Otherwise, a big gust can put enough wobble in your wheels to flip your rig (I have seen this in plenty of viral videos).

Edited to add: states have their own laws, be sure to check with the state first

My trailer tells me I’m going to fast by wobbling, and that speed varies depending on wind and corners and such. I don’t see any reason to go over the speed limit with a trailer though.

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Most OEM trailer tires are rated for 65MPH. The faster you go the hotter the tire can get increasing risk of a blowout so it is important to know what your tires are rated for. I have tires that I purchased for higher speeds, but for fuel efficiency, decreased wear on the tire and easier control if a situation arises I usually keep it around 65.

There are a lot of factors involved with trailer stability and speed. What you’re towing, what you’re towing with, loading, hitch type, tire and road conditions. My opinion is, your safest at lower speeds. I travel at truck speeds on the highway and a max of 55 on lesser byways. I highly recommend an anti-sway bar and load leveling hitch (there are several varieties) . Don’t overload.