RV full timers - what's the longest you've stayed at one RV park?

I’m curious about the RV full-timer lifestyle. I get the sense that many people in RVs stay in one place for a long time, maybe months.

What’s the longest you’ve stayed at one RV park and why did you prefer that over travelling?

We’ve stayed a week but after that, we usually get itchy feet. Generally, if we stay that long it’s because of an event we’re attending or an area we’re looking to explore further.

We Stay at least a month. This helps make sure we can really check out an area well but then get on to a new location. This time works for us for the following reasons we have encountered/experience:

  • delays getting there or departing
  • rainy days or bad weather days (because we ride motorcycles)
  • so we can go back and check out places more then once we really like in case we don’t make it back this way again
  • because we work full-time and this will give us flexibility to take days off and make them up for special experiences
  • if something breaks down and we need time to fix it and still see the area
  • so we have time to get packages delivered :slightly_smiling_face:
  • just not to use a lot of gas traveling and not having to setup and tear down too often.

We take two days to go to a new location then stay a month. Driving between 4-5 hrs each day. This puts us far enough out to see a whole new area but not endless hours of driving. We find that by the third week we are starting to get the bug to go and the final week we get everything wrapped up and head out to our new home.


Six months is the longest time we have stayed in one campground. We got the “seasonal rate” which severely reduced the price per night. I was working a seasonal job at a nearby winery so it was good we didn’t have to move the RV. Another advantage was that we weren’t traveling during the busy summer season and didn’t have to worry about making reservations.