RV Essentials for Camping

I am picking up my brand new 24’ Sunset Trailers Rush Toy Hauler tomorrow. We have absolutely nothing to put inside (i.e. kitchenware, outdoor chairs, shower curtain…everything). What are your best ‘must haves’ for RV essentials that I can leave in the RV packed and ready to go.

When it comes to this Dollar Tree and Dollar General are your friends!! Don’t go overboard on the plates, silverware and such. A basic set is fine, as is cookware. A pot, a skillet, and a bigger pot is a good place to start. You’ll figure out what your needs are, don’t stress out about it at first. Get small bottles of dish soap, travel size toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc. Folding chairs, perhaps a small folding table, grill tool set, outdoor mat for sitting around on. You’ll get the hang of what you need. Enjoy your first trip! And check out RV Education 101, one of the best rv sites out there, bar none. Happy Camping!!

Three items new campers often do not think of until needed are:

  • Extra 10’ of sewer hose
  • Electric cord extension
  • 50 or 75 foot pocket hose like Zero G
    Enjoy the journey!

Bins to keep black water, fresh water and electric stowed separate. Thick disposable gloves and hand sanitizer. Extra chocks and a way to check level and level your rig. Blocks to go under jacks. First aid kit. Rug for the outside to clean feet at the door inside. DVDs/CDs in case you don’t have wifi/cell service. Bottled water. A water pressure regulator and a filter. Basic tools and the lost goes on… Bring your sense of humor and have fun!!!

Trailer camping was new to us as well, but we already had a ton of standard camping things. I def would recommend these for a trailer:

I also hang a small hand sanitizer in the bathroom for on-the-road/no water scenarios to keep hands clean.

Good luck and happy camping!!

A sense of humor and patience.

Handheld radios. You can communicate with the person who is helping you get the trailer parked without screaming at one another. We call them marriage/relationship savers.

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Command hooks
Bungee cords to secure cabinets, rubber hook kind are best so they don’t scratch surfaces.
Clothes line and pins
We have a box that we keep odds and ends in (rubber bands, fasteners, sharpie, duct tape, etc.)
Tarp or outside rug to keep dirt out and door mats.
If the inside lights are blue and too bright, you can get gels on Amazon to cut out and put inside the cover to warm up the light.
Have fun!

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that is very informative man thanks for sharing

These are all essentials indeed and also you mentioned clothesline and pins and I wanna add something to it as I think that we might need a proper jacket as well for camping as it also helps us to stay warm.

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