RV camping/travel with pets

Good day to all.
I am soon to be embarking on a new experience with an Airstream road home.
My job is ending, and I have a window of time before I start travel nursing with this home and two pets.
Two weeks ish is a time frame I’d like to go with a small dog and cat.
Being from Midwest, I was hoping for warmth. I understand many are seeking this, and we have health issue to keep in mind with large crowds.
So…,I am just looking for suggestions for pet friendly, warm, yet not overly crowded RV camping adventures. Is this a reality in this time of life?
I have looked at Big Bend and Saguaro out of curiosity, but I see you cannot bring pets on trails nor leave them unattended. Not sure that would work and do not want to disturb wildlife.
Also, I have reservations about bringing my cat, so if anyone has experience with this, please feel free to share.
This is all new to me so I am open to any advice!
Or if there is another forum I should be in, I’d take gentle nudge in that direction.

Thank you in advance.

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Hey Kerri!

Congrats on your Airstream, that’s amazing.

If you’re looking for warmth, you’re already on the right track searching for areas in the Southwest.

If you’re looking for Pet Friendly, and not crowded - boondocking is most likely your best option. We’ve written an article about how to boondock, and The Dyrt PRO has map layers to help find public lands that you can boondock on.

The reason Big Bend and Saguaro aren’t pet friendly for trails is that they are National Parks. If you camp outside of national parks, you’ll find less restrictions.

In Tucson, I boondocked here for a couple of nights, and it’s RIGHT next to Saguaro.

Hope that helps

Hi Kerri,

We travel full time with 3 dogs (2 bigs and 1 little) PLUS a bunny! We have not had any issues. Like Taylor mentioned boondocking is an excellent option!

We go on hikes all over and our only main problem has been pulling pokey cactus bits out of their paws. The bunny usually stays inside while we are out because it is generally been nice weather in the southwest so no chance of him overheating or freezing, though I do have a backpack with a window if we want him to go with us but he is NOT a fan of this option. :laughing:

I’ve done quite a few reviews of our boondocking spots if you want to check some spots out. We are currently in AZ near Tucson and spent last month in NM. There are also quite a few RV parks that can accommodate you as well, we’ve never had any issues getting into one last minute.

Basically I encourage you to take your pets with you! Our animals are living the life right now! Plus being a nurse (I am an ER nurse) you’ll need the stress relief a pet can bring. :blush:

Best Wishes on your adventure!

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Dispersed camping is the way to go as you are self contained and as long as you are okay not being connected to power, water, sewer and the internet it would be perfect for you.

Thank you for that! Appreciate feedback.
I am wondering for my first big trip if I should keep it more or rather less dispersed?
I saw that Padre Island Seashore is lovely and very pet friendly. They say there is usually sites open.
I am going to explore more dispersed the more comfortable I am driving the rig and managing it all solo!
Take care,

I appreciate your zeal with the move and wish you good luck with it, Padre Island is a great place.

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Hi Kerri, We just purchased our RV this summer and have been traveling frequently with our cat and dog. Our first trip out our cat sat in the windows and just starred out a lot - shocked and not sure about the surroundings as he was a little scared. Second time and onward no problem eating and playing as normal. We purchased a cat tunnel so he could be outside with us some as well. He prefers to sit in the screen door when we are outside watching though. But, he is doing great with it so don’t hesitate.

We travel with a cat. When we aren’t traveling she seems to get a little bored just sitting around the house. We don’t let here outside so not long ago I made her a screened porch so she can “come” outside with us. With our layout we have an outside access door under the kitchen sink where we keep her box which allowed me to clean her box from the outside and allowed me to build her a porch she can access from the inside of the RV. Sunshine looks a little crazy in the pic but she is really a regular cat.

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This is amazing! I bet that’s a conversation starter at campgrounds!

She gets a little attention which she likes.