RV Camping Protective Equipment

What RV supplies are necessary for camping?

This will change a lot based on the type of RV, where you camp and what your expectations are from “almost nothing” to “may need to get a bigger truck to haul it all”.

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Hi, I have all the basic camping supplies. Are RV park electrical outlets safe when I need electricity while camping?

It’s a good idea to check the voltage to make sure it’s in range (a simple multimeter will do that). Other than that, a surge suppressor is a nice bit of insurance.

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Your advice is great, I’m looking for a good surge protector. :grinning:

I must admit that after 10 years of RV vacations, you most definitely need RV Emergency Kits- Tools, Auto, First Aid.
All other factors depend on how you camp and how you envision your RV.

Hi, 10 years of RV vacations is really cool. I will learn about the tools you mentioned, because I want to go camping, fishing and cooking with friends and family every weekend, so I am more worried about the safety of electricity.

Solar electricity is absolutely necessary if you plan to go camping. Something like fixed solar panels on your RV or portable solar panels. :magic_wand:

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Oh yes, I forgot about this important thing, without it all electricity would be a hassle.

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Previously read the article, very helpful.

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