RV Campground Birthday Party

I’m planning my birthday party for November and I want to do something a little different this year. I was thinking about renting a party bus and taking some friends on a day trip to an RV campground. We could have a campfire and just enjoy spending some time together outside. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on this idea? I’m open to hearing other suggestions too!


Yes, that is a great idea! Taking a party bus to an RV campground is a good way to spend a weekend. You will be able to relax and enjoy the outdoors. If it’s in the fall, you will also get to enjoy the beautiful changing leaves. Renting a party bus may be the way to go. It can save you the trouble of driving. You will have more room to seat people comfortably and you can also bring your own drinks and music. Renting a party bus is a great idea! The important thing is that you get some friends who are interested in going on a trip with you, and that you schedule the trip right. I’d recommend camping at a campground, as you’ll have other options for having a good time, like swimming, hiking and fishing. Make sure that you try to enjoy your trip and have a good time with your friends, and don’t try to make it too elaborate or expensive. Just enjoy being outside and spending time with people you like!

It’s unlikely any campground is going to allow a party bus to come in for the day. You’re not camping and they’d see it as potentially disruptive to those who are. You’d be better off finding someone with a piece of property where it’s open enough for a bonfire and seeing if they’d rent you the space for the day.


Daniel- Happy birthday in advance!! I do, however, have to agree with “Trekers” above. Campgrounds are generally places where people go to enjoy the wilderness as a “quiet” place. A party bus is likely to make enough noise that either campers or management or both will raise a fuss. You are far better off to find someone you know with a large piece of wide open space that you can have to yourselves. This way, any noise you make won’t disrupt others. Make sure to ask permission first, before dropping your camp for the night.

Personally, I’d be bummed out if a party bus rolled into our peaceful campsite. However, why not just gather your friends and welcome everyone to drive out to a local campsite to set-up as you mentioned and have a campfire and enjoy some hiking in the area? Then spend the night camping if you’re worried about people driving after enjoying themselves with some drinks. A party bus sounds like a big expense and invokes ideas of boisterous partying that aren’t necessarily aligned with other’s peaceful enjoyment of nature.

Happy birthday in advance, and I agree with the people above that making the party bus doesn’t really lend itself to heading to the campground. Since you want to enjoy the outdoors, maybe try tent camping with your friends instead.

I would Check around to see if there are day use areas. A lot of state campgrounds do have sections that are for day use only and usually close at dusk. They would have bathroom facilities, water, sometimes electricity and of course garbage facilities.

Now the nice thing about having a party in the fall is that there May be more facilities available.

I think the biggest concern rolling into a campground, is that the party gets loud and it kind of makes things miserable for everybody else. If you are thoughtful and considerate Of others then it sounds like a pleasant way to celebrate!

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Take a bunch of loud obnoxious people ( probably with adult beverages) to someplace where many other people are trying to enjoy the weekend.
What could possibly be objectionable?