Rules of the Campground Owners + Managers 🚧 category

A place for campground owners and managers to give each other tips, advice, or just swapping stories.

Laws of the Campfire:

[1] Don’t be mean; we’ll ban you outright. Hate speech or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Campfires are a place for warmth and community.

[2] Write clearly so everyone around the fire can understand and join in. We might ask you to edit a post if it is hard to understand.

[3] No memes or re-sharing of viral posts. This group is about shared experiences, asking questions, and appreciating camping. A good rule of thumb to follow is to only post content you’ve created yourself.

[4] Don’t spam the group. Use your discretion of what spam is; if a post feels like spam, it probably is. We might have to pull that log off the fire.

I’m a camper not a campground owner, but I’d like to share some tips based on my own experience from a user’s perspective that will hopefully be helpful.

  1. Create a nice website with a good description of your campground, clear directions and map, multiple ways to contact you (phone, email, social media), and good photography of your grounds, campsites and facilities. You can create a free professional looking website at or

  2. Offer an after hours registration kiosk near your entrance or outside of your office. Display a list of open campsites, provide a welcome packet with a map of the grounds and nearby attractions and offer a dropbox/envelop to deposit fees.

  3. Display a map of your campground and a short list of the campground rules at multiple locations around your campground. Maps are helpful for walkers/hikers/kids. And displays with campground rules are gentile reminders and easier on everyone rather than personal confrontations.

Many of these tips are not new to experienced campground owners and managers. However, it is surprising how many campgrounds do not provide these basic services.

If anyone has comments or questions about these tips or would like additional tips from a user’s experience, please do not hesitate to comment below or contact me personally. You may connect with me on social media or gmail at troyfromtexas.

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I am an owner of a small little campground on a working farm near Lynden, WA.

I have had the best year ever and I foresee camping to expand a lot more next year.
I haven’t log on here for a long time, now that busy season is over, I have more time.

I would love to hear stories from other hosts. I have a lot of “covid” stories, meaning guests displaced by covid and plans had to change because of it. I have met some wonderful guests! :slight_smile:

Very good feed back. I have a website and just implemented a self check-in this year including a check in booth with local maps etc. I also had a drone snap an Arial of the campground and our property!

I would love to know more tips from the campers side of it.

I’m Dora from Pennsylvania. I am a college student now. My hobby is hiking and camping. Recently, I am very disappointed with Wise Tent. I feel cheated by them…