Rental Campervans? Worth it?

I’ve been tossing around the idea of a road trip with a rental campervan. I was wondering if anyone else had used any company (JUCY, Escape Campervans, etc.) and what you thought of them? I’ve seen them more and more in campgrounds and think its a great idea!

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I LOVED my experience with my Travellers Campervan! It was so cozy and comforting to have out there. Really felt like glamping.

Never used a rental campervan company in the US (but have in Iceland and it went well!). Just wanted to mention that there are also peer-to-peer rental campervan companies as well now. Although we own a campervan I have zero experience with these but have seen marketing campaigns for RVshare and Outdoorsy.

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WanderVans just opened in Portland!

Worth it in the sense that its cheaper than owning. Renting one long term for a few months to a year I think thats more a personal decision.

Fyi, I rented a Ram Promaster from Hertz to get a full on test drive prior to shopping for one. Even setup boxes inside to get a feel for the space and mock layout. It was enough for me to pull the trigger. :slight_smile:

We recently booked a campervan through GoCamp. Haven’t taken our trip yet, but the people at GoCamp have been very helpful (directed us to the The Dyrt) and price was right. Good luck!