REESE Towpower Lock Alternatives

Hi all,
I’m sorry if I post in the wrong section.
Three years ago I used to be the biggest fan of REESE Towpower Locks. But after my last three camping expeditions, I had to change the locks because all of them were completely worn out.
I will highly appreciate it if you give me any REESE Towpower alternatives.

I will list the most popular brands that could serve as alternatives:

  1. Master Lock 377DAT
  2. Trimax UMAX 100
  3. Insite Solutions BRHL
  4. Proven Industries 2516
  5. Editor’s Pick

My choice for about five years now is Master Lock 377DAT, with a similar design to REESE Towpower. BTW locksmiths in e11 are available for consultations regarding all your lock issues or questions.

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