Recommendations for 8 person tent

Hello -
We have a new addition to our camping family - have a toddler now and hoping to make our first camping trips soon with her.
I am looking for a larger tent - likely a 6-8 person tent. We want something that we will use a couple of times a year, but will last and allow us to grow into it - something that will comfortably sleep 4 (if she brings a friend). Something with a divider to give a little privacy.
Definitely needs to stand up to the elements (wind and rain) as we sometimes camp on the beach here in NC.
I am tall (6’3") so like something I can comfortably stand up and walk around in - especially on those rainy days were we may hang out in the tent.
Likely will have a queen size blow up and then maybe a 2nd twin/full for the kiddo(s).
Since we won’t be hiking in with this, being lightweight isn’t a big deal, as we are willing to sacrifice weight for quality - but the don’t want something massively heavy if not needed.

Any specific brand names you all would recommend, or products you love? I have a kelty for backpacking, but they don’t make big tents it looks like.



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I always like checking Outdoor Gear Lab for questions like this. We bought a North Face Wawona 6 a few years ago. It’s been such a great tent. No divider inside, but we fit 4 inside on camp pads pretty comfortably, plus an old dog too. It has held up in some pretty yucky camping conditions (10-15 mph winds, with gusts up to 35 mph), constant rain, and sea spray at Assateague last year. It held. I’m still so impressed. North Face has since redesigned it, so I can’t speak to the exact way it is now, but we’ve loved this tent. The vestibule in front is awesome. A good hiding spot when you need to get out of rain or sun, or a place to put your bikes when the weather is absolutely junk. Nice and tall inside, so you can have some space to move around, and change clothes, without any hunching.

Coleman 8-Person Tent is a good option you can try.

it all depends on your budget if you are looking for around $200 check this site Best Inflatable Camping tents – Portal Outdoors it have 8 Person Instant Camping Tent with screen porch

If you want to get more information about the best 8 person tent then you can visit camping tents for diifferent kinds of tents like truck tents, dome tents, and many more.
I recenty purchesed Cabela’s Outback Lodge 8 Person Tent of $399

I realize this thread is a little old, but the following might help someone…

I recently bought the Marmot Limestone 8P, and took it out a couple weekends ago. We bought it with the same purpose as you in terms of growing into it. The 8P is not cheap (usually around $700), but managed to wait for a sale that got me the footprint and tent for $590 plus tax.

Over all, I like it. We used it with three cots, but you should be able to put a queen size blow up and a twin blow up. It might get a little tight with your setup, but should be doable. There is an optional divider, though we didn’t use it. - For what it’s worth, we switched from blow up sleeping pads to cots for both comfort and the ability to slide stuff under the cot (backpack, clothes, etc.).

It may not be quite as intuitive to setup as other tents, and I think it’s slightly odd the way they do the smaller “room.” But It’s not difficult to setup after you’ve done it at least once. The instructions sewn into the bag are not great, but there are some YouTube videos around that will help. I’ve set it up once by myself, but it’s definitely easier with a partner.

We had great weather (high 50’s at night, mid-80’s during the day) with little wind, so I can’t speak to how well it’ll hold up.

Having read the reviews, some people point out the lack of privacy if you don’t use the rain fly. Also, knowing from the reviews, the tent does not come with awning poles, so I bought some from REI that ended up not doing the job. I’m still searching for good awning poles. – That being said, you can roll up the awning if you’re not worried about rain.

I like that there is room just outside the larger door (under the rain fly/awning area) to put your shoes on or store stuff out of the rain.

I really didn’t check the height, but I’m almost 6’ and didn’t think about the need to duck when inside. That’s not a true test for you, but I decided not to bring my clogs due to weight concerns and comfortability while hiking. :grin:

I hope that helps.

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I highly suggest checking out the Campros 8 person tent. It’s the ideal choice for my family of 6, offering ample space, numerous windows, and excellent ventilation.

I have mine from and it’s been good.