Recommendations for 6-Person Made-in-USA tents (which are affordable)?

We have finally grown out of our smaller tent, and are looking to upgrade to a 6-person model. We would LOVE to buy an American-made product and NOT the WalMart version! But due to the global recession, we also cannot be spending too much on it.

I know all the arguments for “this is a 10+ year investment, so think of it that way!” Heck, I usually would use that argument! But these days, cash is low for everyone, so we just do have to stay semi-cheap in what we are looking for. So please don’t reply with that…I know and use that line too. :smiley:

So any recommendations? 6-person, Made in America, but won’t break the bank? (with “attached bathtub floor” for those who know what that means…NY gets buggy in the seasons when we do a lot of our camping). Thanks for any helpful thoughts - or for any contact who might give a “global recession discount” to people willing to buy this year!

You might want to provide a price range of what you are willing to pay :upside_down_face:

Eureka is more than likely not made in the USA, but I don’t think you will find a tent that meets all of your specifications. They are currently having 20% off.

I think finding a made in the USA tent will be nearly impossible but you can still help by buying from a USA based company that designs and distributes them.

I like Alps Mountaineering but you have to find them on sale. Since I’m involved with Scouts BSA I have a special discount portal.

The more expensive ones offer aluminum poles, bigger zippers, and tougher material. Most have model specific floor savers as well.


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I know alot of Coleman stuff is still made in the USA, and their Instant Tent 6 is great. It’s a large, decent quality tent that literally goes up in under 5 min with 1 person. Also folds down just as quick and easy. Highly recommended

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