Ready to get back in the van!

After being cooped up in this damn apartment for two months there is nothing I want more than to get back on the road and I’m soooooooo ready to see those red mountains on the desert. If anyone has any questions or concerns about vanlifing on a budget let us know in this thread! We are just servers no trust fund, we did work out ass off to save money but instead of buying a house or buying new cars we bought a van and didn’t work for half of a year. That’s what brings us happiness!

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Do you have a IG or Youtube… always love to follow some good van life content!!!

So do you work as a server for a while, then quit your jobs and until you run out of money and then get a server job again?

Well basically yes, but I like to get jobs that specifically hire workampers so they know I won’t be there long. I am honest and up front and if they don’t like that I will take my talents else where and our IG is @thenomadtriad we didn’t keep up with it very well but will be starting a YouTube soon!