Question about grilling while camping

complete RV newbie here. What do you all use for grilling once you’ve gotten to your destination. thanks!

Our camper is propane ready with a grill, but I am not a huge fan of propane grilling. I have a small charcoal grill we bring with use. We also like open fire cooking as well.

We fulltime RV’d for a bit. We took a Weber Q with us. It fit in one of our RV’s storage areas perfectly and was a quick/no fuss way to cook up meals. You can purchase connectors to attach it to your RV’s onboard tank - if you don’t want to haul propane separately. Have fun!

I like to have all of the options available. Charcoal or wood is my first choice but fire restrictions ruin that for me. So I go gas grill or cast iron grill pans are the best!

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I used to be a hard core natural chunk charcoal guy. I don’t care for propane grills, but once we got our Blackstone griddle it’s pretty much all we use at home or traveling.

We have propane grill, always carry charcoal in case they bbq pits. We need to buy a portable grill. Our friends have a tabletop grill.

We took a small charcoal grill on our first couple of trips and found it was really difficult to manage the heat, the timing, and hauling around all the items that needed to go with it. We just ordered a Coleman Roadtrip 285 this week as well as a 20lb to 1lb hose so that I can hook it directly to the big tanks on the camper. They make a hose that will also connect to your low-pressure port if your camper is so equipped, but will likely take some additional fittings on your grill.

I have a Cuisinart portable grill. One burner and can be used with a small grren bottle or larger tank. Really like it. It’s the second one I’ve had and they last about 5 years and I use it alot!

We have a Flame King gas grill. This RV portable gas grill is spacious for something compact and portable. Also, there is an upper grill deck, providing you with a place where you can put on other kinds of food to keep them warm.

Have had great results with the Weber Q grill. It can leak a little grill juice so be aware when packing up. Probably best to put something under it or put it in a bag.

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We Have a small Blackstone Griddle for most cooking. But when we want to grill, we have a grill on a steak that pounds into the ground next to the fire pit, so we grill over the open fire.

We love this RV grill from Liquid. Everything about it is of high quality. It’s light enough to move around while sturdy enough to let you know you’re using a solid item. We use it in our backyard on a table, so we don’t need a rack and we like its size for easy handling.

This RV grill came from a company, Weber. It has a stainless steel burner, which I find essential in any propane grill I end up considering.

A lot of folks camp with portable grills like a Weber. They’re reliable and don’t take up too much space. Plus, you can usually find them at most stores or online. Happy camping!