Pros and cons of using a truck camper?

truck campers don’t see to be as popular as other RVs and I’m curious why. Many of us already have trucks so it seems like a no brainer to get a big camper instead of buying a trailer or big RV. plus you can tow a boat! thoughts?

I certainly agree! I had a tent and while it was not bad I got tired of the whole set-up/take-down thing. The last time was in February of 2019, I was in north Georgia and it was cold and raining when I had to break camp. That did it for me!

We currently use a roof top tent on our truck, but we were really close to buying a slide in camper. I think they are great and would be way more comfortable than our roof top tent set up, but they are really expensive. The down side of sleeping in your truck, is you have to pack up camp to leave the site in your vehicle. Of course, this isn’t an issue if you are towing a motorcycle or some other form or transit. Your belongings would also be more secure in a slide in truck camper.

It would be nice to leave a pull behind trailer set up and take our vehicle to nearby points of interest, but you limit the type of site you can access when you have to tow in a trailer. We like the roads that start with the “RVs and Trailers not recommended” signs, so towing isn’t a good option for us. We have a small 1969 Honda CT-90 Trail Bike that we use on a hitch carrier. It’s not road legal, but it allows us to zip around forest roads.

I think there are pros/cons to all set ups and it really depends on the style of camping you enjoy and the activities you want to do when you arrive.