Propane camp fire?

Hi Everyone,
With the campfire ban in national forests, I’ve heard some decent things about propane camp fires but I’m not really convinced… anyone have any luck or favorites they could share? We have a portable propane stove for cooking but want something to sit around when it gets dark to keep us warm!

They are nice to have during all the fire bans. We haven’t bought one yet, but will before our next trip out. Seems like the entire Western US is always under some level of fire ban. We live with one almost all year at home too, so a propane campfire is something we can use at home too.

They are amazing! Not as big of a fire as a wood fire but no smoke and easy on and off. They also store nicely and are easy to work. We got a $100 one from amazon a while back.

We (Colorado) have had quite a few illegal fires wrecking popular camp spots due to people not following the ban so they are cracking down more on them too so we actually haven’t even used it much this year so it doesn’t get mistaken from a distance as a wood fire.

Thank you!! We are in CO too. We did see a lot of campfires on our way out a couple weeks ago which was disappointing.

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Great point! Thanks for the info!

We have a small teardrop and purchased the Little Red Campfire and found it to be a pretty good substitute but of coarse nothing beats a real wood fire…I mean, how else can you get all that smoke in your face!

We are located in Az and fire bans happen every summer so we have become prepared with one. This is the one we have. It has a lid and carrying straps. Cypress 21 in. Steel Portable Propane Fire Pit with Cover and Carry Kit. This one is very simple to use, is light weight and easily storable.

Thanks for all the feedback! We got an Outland Firebowl 893 and it worked out perfectly over our short camping trip over the weekend.

We have one too and yes it isn’t like a real wood fire, but it keeps us warm past sunset. Love it