Poll: why do you tent camp?

Would you prefer to camp in an RV but can’t afford it yet, or is tent camping your absolute favorite way to camp?

We have a 5th wheel camper and love it, but we still love to take our tent out as well. There are certain sites we love like Smith’s Falls in Nebraska along the Niobrara River that you cannot bring an rv into, so we will take our tent there. It’s an amazing place. We just like getting out any way we can really!

Hey!! We have a teardrop, and just bought it about a year ago. Living in a colder climate, waaaayyy up north, it helps us extend our camping season a little earlier in spring and a little later in fall when temps are great for hiking, but gross for camping (ie: freezing temps at night). Tenting and hammocking are still our favorites, but there is a warm spot in our hearts for a great camping trip with our teardrop!

I prefer tent camping for affordability. I find it allows me to stretch my adventures longer when not having to worry about additional costs which incur with an RV. I like to promote how travel can be fun and affordable but also challenge you to do and try new things so tent camping is perfect for that…

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I hammock camp or airborne tent camp,(Tentsile Stingray), for a few reasons.

The comfort
The ability to camp virtually anyplace,(trees providing).
The at home footprint
The out on adventure footprint
The freedom.


Interesting question! Having an RV is just… not something that is part of my identity? The only thing about RVing that has ever appealed to me is having sturdy walls during inclement weather. Someday when my body aches more than it does now I would like to get a teardrop trailer. I like that all of my camping gear can fit into a corner of my basement- no need to pay to keep anything offsite or take up valuable driveway real estate!

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We have a Freespirit Recreation rooftop tent and that’s my favorite camping. It’s so quick and easy to set up, and you can camp anywhere. Very versatile. So I’d say it’s the convenience factor and being able to be away from people! We had a pop up tent that we sold back in March, and nearly purchased a pull behind, but then the quarantine happened :woman_facepalming:t3: So we are hoping to get back to work, and get a new camper!

I primarily prefer to tent/hammock camp for the versatility. I can get to a lot more remote areas where there is little crowds and tons of views.

We tent camp because we can get into places we otherwise wouldn’t. We are looking to buy a travel trailer but we are maybe going to live in it. But for camping, for now, I’ll stick to my tent. The set up and take down is so much quicker and if we roll in late, a place can almost always find a spot for a tent. We are looking to get into backpacking and bikepacking so a tent or something similar is the only way to go.