Planning a Backcountry Trip to Everglades National Park

Heading to the Everglades National Park for some serious backcountry wildernss adventures? Have you explored the most remote areas by kayak or or foot? Share your tips here!

There are a number of ground sites, beach sites, and elevated camping platforms (“chickees”) available in various locations in the park. Most backcountry camping sites are accessible by canoe, kayak, or motorboat, though a few may be reached by hikers.

A backcountry permit is required for all wilderness campsites and issued the day before or day of your trip at either the Flamingo or Gulf Coast Visitor Centers. Preparation is extremely important for a successful trip

Share your experience at these locations, must see favorite spots, not-to-miss sites and attractions. We want everyone to enjoy their vacation to “The River of Grass”!

I know I am a year late, but I have done some pretty extensive paddling and camping into the Everglades Backcountry. Let me know if you have any questions!

Would love to have you share some tips here :slight_smile: I love that area - I can’t wait to head back down there!

It is all about the tides! We’ve done Hells Bay, Pearl Bay, Crooked Creek, and S. Joe River Chickees, and then Lopez River and E. Clubhouse Beach for ground camping. Each have their own particulars! The tides in the Everglades are weird in that incoming tide goes northwest through the Glades and outgoing tide goes from the northwest and out through the south into Florida Bay. Due to the unique flow, the timing can be delayed depending on where you are. The one thing they all have is common is mosquitos! Even during the cold season, sunset is brutal! We have big spreadsheets detailing comfort, safety, food, and paddling logistics. I am always happy to share!

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