Peeking out the curtains

I had been hiding from the site over the winter, hoping to avoid the withdrawl from nature due to Covid…yeah…didnt work

However, on the east coast the sun is starting to make appearances, the ice is almost melted, temperatures are rising and things are turning green.
As every winter, ive restocked or replaced gear needing attention, bought some goodies and gadgets to add to the camping gear and am sorting, packing, etc…

My body knows…its time…overdue… creating an itch that can only be scratched by my inner wildling being set free and venturing off into nature,the animals and insects replacing the movements and sounds of people and cars.
The smell of the woods, in the morning as you brew coffee, listening to the woods come alive around you

Wrong or not, this year will not be like last year…

I will be in the woods…and often… last year i was pulled off trips and plans scrapped multiple times with all the closures…We see how that went.
i solved it and got my plan for this year… im camping…and alot…no cancelling, and to make sure i really relax while camping…no news…no phones…so that means “no clue” if anythings closed or not and due to social distancing i will not interact with anyone while im camping. ( out of respect ya know), so that means nobody can inform me…and now for the next 7 + months its me , the dogs, the river, the woods, and the adventure.


Where are you planning on going this year?!

This year, like the last few, the majority of my trips will be spent on the Delaware River as it travels through NY, NJ and Pa. My plan is to travel further up river into NY by approx. 40 miles to start my trips. This should open up weeks,(multiple trips), that I will be able to hike and explore the area.
This section of the country is amazingly rich with sites to visit. The settling/shaping of our country happened here. The history of the area, while overlooked or forgotten by many’ is one we should all be familiar with and respected. I have visited the resting place of 4 Founding Fathers, stood in the echoes of our past president’s, slept among the ruins of historic forts and the sites of battles. There are uncountable waterfalls throughout the region, including some of the tallest on the eastern side of our country. Add in abandoned/forgotten towns, cemeteries, mills, mines, landmarks, and more,( many dating back 200+ years) and there is more to see than I personally will ever have the time too. Do not forget to add in that in this area the wildlife and environment is unspoiled. I will often go days where I see no humans or civilization. Yogi may live here but even he is treated as a tourist by the local animals.

My plan is the same as normal. Kayak the river following the notes and journals of those before me, stopping to camp and/or explore. I have been researching and compiling notes on this area for years, exploring/discovering things that words or pictures will never do justice. In this area I’ve been humbled, amazed, thrilled, scared, encouraged, educated, envious, awed, bewildered. To stand in places that famous explorers have and see what they saw… Can you imagine …
There are still so many “bucket list” locations in this area to discover yet.

Our country tends to forget its roots often and rarely honors those that came before us. They struggled, fought, dreamed, suffered, lived and died allowing us to have what we now take for granted daily. I may not be able to shake their hand, so I express my respect and thanks by remembering them and all they went through in the only way I know how…Visiting, preserving, respecting, and remembering…

As always,

Tread lightly, What little wilds we have left is all there is…

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Have you heard of the 700-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail? You may enjoy exploring that for a future trip. It runs from Old Forge, NY to Fort Kent, ME (on the border with Quebec). Sounds like an experience similar to what you are seeking in the Delaware…inspired wilderness, old towns, etc.

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Hi Jean,
No, I have not heard of the NFCT before today. I have just spent the last 2 hours reading, looking at pics and videos. I also spent that time debating…do I thank you or curse you…
Regardless this looks amazing and will be looking into this much more. I would love to just go, and this season will see a few multi-day trips to check it out. If it grabs me, which the distance alone does, I can guess within the next 3 -4 years I would attempt it. A little more training, a lot more research, planning and prep is definitely needed.
It does look amazing though, for now I say Thank You…that may change in time though, lol


Beautiful dense woods, I was awe struck how tight the canopy was. Even better early morning with fog burning off. Stumbled upon the great views on the way to Bethel. Magical area for sure, always wanted to venture back but haven’t yet. Enjoy!!

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if you give me a week in advance…i have the extra boats and boating gear…show up at put in at a given time , i could meet you and we could do a multi day trip…If you hike also i could show you so many touristy places and many more hidden/forgotten ones. i bring research n books along always so you even would learn all the history n lore. i actually have REAL Rangers (no offense everyone, lol) and locals that ask me for help and info or locations. Not to mention its rare another human is along , usually its my dogs or just me. so if i bark just remind me…english…lol