Parks opening up for summer? Ohio

Apparently the Guv is allowing some places to open for camping. One person posted locally (Darke County) that set up their truck camper and it was immediately vandalized with spray painted comments and some things stolen when they ;eft it overnight.
Other Ohio campgrounds are saying they will not open unless they have permanent campers (wheels off), but that is loosening up as we see day to day and protests in Michigan are starting to give the legislators the message people are finally fed up.
Ohio Legislators I contact regularly, are starting to pressure the Governor stridently about letting people open up, they have been busy sewing their masks, so are we able to keep our distance? Our stores are full of families and old couples walking around closely, and Michigan, a goal on my list this year, seems to be worse for lockdowns and protests.
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Ohio campgrounds were permitted to open up on May 21st as long as they follow regulations. Most have not opened up any communal facilities yet (e.g. restrooms, laundry, pool, playgroud). If you have a self-contained camper (including bathroom facilities), there are quite a few options in Ohio.

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