Ozark National Forrest or Ouachita National Forest

We are planning a visit to the area toward the middle of May and hiking is our thing. The original plan was camping, 26" trailer, in the Ozarks but there don’t seem to be many rv sites with electric and the reviews aren’t too good. Power wise we are good for a couple of days but the plan is 5 or 6 days. Ouachita has a COE park which have always been nice. Both parks have great hikes and I was shocked by the travel time between the 2 so I guess we need to pick one. Thoughts.

Ozarks for sure. A bit more crowded but for a good reason. The Buffalo River is an absolute must visit if you’re coming to Arkansas. The floating, the views, the hiking and the history. An. Absolute. Must.

The Ouchitas are wonderful, too. I mostly go out there for a more secluded outdoor setting. You can hike all day and not see a soul.

Have you looked at Mt Nebo, Petit Jean, and Mt Magazine state parks for spots? They are located between the two and have awesome within their individual parks including waterfalls, Arkansas’s highest point, and tons of hiking. Maybe if you can only do one you could add these smaller parks in as a bonus.

Hey thanks guys we appreciate it. Obviously we are still in the planning stages but that gives us some direction.

We’ve camped quite a bit in Arkansas the last 6 or 7 years, and you can’t go wrong either way. If I had to choose just 1, I’d opt for the Ozarks around the Buffalo River area. Like another person posted, you have hiking and floating. My favorite hikes were around Pedestal Rocks & Hawksbill Crag (Whitaker Point). Depending on your schedule, you could probably shoot up or down Arkansas Rt. 7 and see both forests in a 6 day span. If not, well you have a reason to go back!! FYI- I think Arkansas has the nicest state park campgrounds in the USA.

Lifelong Arkansas resident. The Buffalo National River is probably THE premier place to be. Check out the Steel Creek area, Tyler Bend or anywhere around Jasper, AR.

Ouachitas are beautiful too but the Buff is special.