Oregon/Washington Where to Get Outside During Covid

We’re in the Portland area and looking for places within an hour to hike/play in nature with two kiddos and a dog that are both legal and safe.

Last weekend we found a great spot outside Estacada just before the Memaloose bridge. A small beach, water, rocks, etc. A few other cars parked in the general area but no one within shouting/visual distance of our beach spot. Seems like Forest and BLM land is okay to go to, as long as it’s not a “developed” spot (trail head/campground/bathroom). This weekend thinking of heading West just outside of Elsie on the Nehalem.

Holler if you want more details on the Estacada spot, or let me know if you have other suggestions of places to go.

Lots of places in the Tillamook area. The beach is open still.