Oregon coast rv parks

Planning a road trip - need some guidance on the best Oregon coast rv parks.

The Oregon State Park system along the coast is amazing! Plenty of beautiful state parks that can accommodate a variety of vehicles, Most have electrical & water hookup with a central dump station. There are commercial/private parks too, but the parks, in my opinion, are the better choice. It seems like there’s a state park every few miles, so choice isn’t a problem. A little hint: all the parks have some sort of a day use permit system (5 dollars here, 5 dollars there) that can add up! I finally asked at a visitors center, and for something like fifteen dollars got a 7 day pass for all the coastal parks; well worth it, but you have to ask!

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Agree with Gary, state parks are the way to go. They are much cheaper and have the better views, hikes, and environment.

Bonus: If anyone in your group is a disabled veteran, Oregon offers a pass for free camping at state parks and free day use. It is technically limited to 10 nights per month, but few parks enforce this. Oregon residency not required. It is a form that has to be mailed and processed ahead of time though, so plan ahead.


Agree with other responses - the state parks in Oregon are better than those in many other states and many of the coastal ones are magnificent. My favorite is Harris Beach in the southern part of the state - the primo spots are nearly impossible to reserve, however! But - it can be rainy!


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My friend created a community platform connecting homeowners with driveways and van life travelers looking for a safe place to park overnight. Wanted to share this along as a consideration for your next adventure <3(