Not so friendly neighbors at RV parks

I’ve been on the road for a few weeks and have not been as social as I thought i’d be. I love small talk with strangers but most of my neighbors never seem to come out of their campers. Anyone else having this experience?

We have had this in the past and it seems to be the prevailing wind in general anymore. We have this in our neighborhood as well as when we go camping. Unfortunately there are times when folks go camping to virtually do what they do at home, watch tv.

A running joke with us is that our stay will be just as you say but then suddenly people come out of nowhere to talk and ask questions about your rig/setup right when you’re breaking down and need to get on the road!!! :laughing:

Could be the pandemic?

I’m a full-time RVer who works from home during the day in my RV. Depending on weather and other things, I usually come out in the evenings. It all depends on what kind of RV park you’re at. The place we are at now has mostly full-timers who work, so I rarely see anyone out and about. If I were in an RV park catered more to kids or was in a popular tourist area, it might be different.

Then, of course, there’s the pandemic. Trying to stay 6 feet apart, trying to talk through a face mask…it all seems like a lot of effort when you can’t sit down and just shoot the breeze without thinking about all the other people this person has come into contact with.