Newbie hello with a question

New member to thedyrt but have been camping since 2016.
Is there a category for needing assistance on how to use the app? I looked at the FAQ but didn’t resolve my question.


Hi James. It’s a pretty helpful group. What’s your question? Others (including me) might learn from the answers. Thanks!

Welcome, we’ve been Rangers since 2017 and have been using The Dyrt app since 2016.

To help newbies, we made a few videos about the latest PRO features, introduced last year:

If these don’t answer your questions, let me know and I’m happy to walk you through something specific.


Thanks, everyone. I’ll take a look at the vids first and then jump back in it doesn’t answer my question. I didn’t respond earlier as I was on my trip and just got settled in.

The videos were very informative but still have a few questions:

1)I notice when I bring up the dyrt that it shows campgrounds along the way. That’s great but when I’m driving, looking at this interactive map, I don’t see gas stations. I thought maybe there was a filter for it but don’t see one. So, how do I see gas stations along my route without building a trip?

2)I like that you can download maps. So I downloaded one per the video. Now that it’s downloaded how do you access it?

I just use Waze or another app for gas stations, but I guess it would be handy to have it all in one.
As for the downloaded maps, I think it just acts like an overlay when you’re in the area that you’ve downloaded. You can also see the downloaded maps listed in your profile under Pro Tools. That’s where I go to delete maps once I’ve left the area. I hope this helps a little.