New To TX (From Northern CA) & Looking For Remote Boondocking Sites

I’m a photographer and I’m looking for more isolated camping with my Aliner Expedition trailer. I love places by water that aren’t the traditional camping areas, like the TX State Parks. I live in Kyle, TX (just south east of Austin. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I might find my favorite type of camping? I do plan to go to Big Bend in the Fall, I do love our National Parks, especially in Southern Utah.


It is always a bit harder in Texas to find boondocking I have discovered. There are several however so when you find them latch onto them!! I have really enjoyed beach camping at South Padre National Seashore and also at Mustang Beach when it comes to boondock style camping near the coast. Absolutely amazing during fall especially when it is a bit less hot and more people are not traveling. Mustang beach is more hard pack while Padre is sand and dunes. In northern Texas in the Panhandle there are some great places out by CapRock and also Lake Meredith. Not terribly far from you there in Austin area Lake Whitney has some free boon docking sites, although those are a bit more crowded.

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Piney Woods (Sam Houston National Forest and the other forests in the area), the coast, and Big Bend are the main spots for real boondocking.

I have the Comet version of your RV…

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Thanks - I will check that out.