My camping highlights in 2020 de

Saw people posting their highlights for 2020 so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. If you have any questions of gear, locations, methods etc. I’ll be happy to provide.

Lets start with February.
Headed to Central Ontario (Canada) for my yearly deep winter camping. It was hitting -30 celsius on the coldest day.

Here is our shelter. It’s a 4 person summer popup tent with a heavy tarp thrown over it. Inside there is a mylar tarp over the exposed door, a double cot, and a little buddy heater running. With this setup it was almost too hot to sleep in the sleeping bag.

My attempt at snaring snowshoe hares. Were only there for a couple days so nothing really came of it. Luckily I brought some deer backstraps instead!

Some scenery. Including the road we drove in on!

Onto June
College is done till the fall. To celebrate we grabbed some sleeping bags, headed to a nearby beach on the incredibly clear water of lake Huron. And fell asleep counting shooting stars next to a campfire on the sand.

Also brought some deer sausages as well.

Expedition of July
This time we executed our long time plan of heading to a large lake south of Algonquin. We took my 11’ zodiac with a 12v 2hp electric motor (lasted the whole trip off of one 110A 12v marine battery, a total of 30km). Yes, all 3 of us fit + our gear in one trip. We camped on an island 3km away. We were there for 4 days.

Did some fishing for our extra food. Caught a small whitefish plus a bunch of Smallmouth bass.

Some of the gorgeous scenery there.

Rode the boat another 1km away to bushwack 1.5km to some random remote unnamed lake. Yes there are bears here.

Here’s a peak at our campsite and tools.

September Bear hunting Trip, French River
Made a few trips with my old man in this camper he built from scratch (cedar frame, shower panel walls, styrofoam insolation) with a trailer he also made from scratch in tow.

Needless to say, we were successful. Tagging out with two bears and some of the best meat (imho)

Also did some fishing at French River as well.

South Algonquin. But in October
Back at South Algonquin. Same boat, same island. Except this time it was much windier and much colder. Usually around -1 celsius in the morning. We went in hammocks this time. No bears or bugs at least!

This place in the fall had probably the most gorgeous fall scenery I’ve ever seen.

Also brought some fishing tackle and hunting gear. Was gunning for whitefish, lake trout, walleye, grouse, and squirrels. Safe to say not a thing was seen! This place is dead in the fall.

Also brought some bear ribs from the bears taken in September.

Might as well include February 2021
Went to the same spot as last february. Except had a bigger tent. An extra person. Plus two dogs.

Lots of amazing winter scenery!

Brought my crossbow and some snare wire for snowshoe hares. More successful this time!! Also saw TONS of moose tracks, they tore apart all the hardwood sapplings there.

Thanks if you actually stuck around to read all this!!!

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Wow! Just saw your posts. You guys are some serious campers, hunters, and fishermen! Thanks for sharing the pics. Reminds of the days when I was able to do things like that. But not to that extreme. You guys are hard-core! Thanks again.