My backpacking setup: everything I need

The backpack itself consists of a 40L $40 Molle bag off Amazon with a $15 10L Molle attachment. With all my gear it weighs about 40lbs. Had it for 2 years and not a single rip/tear or broken zipper (and believe me I was rough with this thing). Which definitely isn’t lightweight backpacking, but if the guys in green can march 5 miles with 80lb rucksacks then I can handle 40lbs. Plus I’d rather not enjoy the walk than not enjoy my camp and my sleep. I’m not going to enjoy the walk anyways.

This bag alone carries absolutely everything I need for as long as I have food. It carries:

  • Tools: 11" blade kukri knife, folding bow saw, folding shovel.
  • Tarp shelter + rope.
  • 2 person Hammock + underquilt.
  • winter sleeping bag.
  • cooking set (stove, pot, pan, utensils, dishwashing)
  • hygeine + towels.
  • 3 sets of clothes + thermals.
  • med kit.
  • Firestarting kit.
  • Backpack repair kit
  • 5,000btu heater + 30hrs of fuel
  • All lighting, chargers, batteries electronics.
  • heavy mylar tarp.
  • Rod & reel + tackle.
  • 3 days worth of food + spices/oil
  • canteen + mug
  • 10L of water storage (empty).
  • water filtration.

Any questions are welcome! I can also link to specific gear if asked.

Great post! It’s always helpful to see what gear other backpackers use on their trips. Your setup seems well thought out and includes all the essentials. It’s great to see that you prioritize both comfort and functionality. Safe travels and happy backpacking!