Mummy sleeping bag I need

I also have a mummy sleeping bag, especially in cold weather.

To be honest, I toss and turn and the bag just does its own thing. My biggest issue is that I’m a stomach sleeper, and I also like to use my arms as a pillow.

So I always end up kinda slithering my way out of the top half of my bag. So, I usually get extra long sleeping bags so I can kinda sink down inside it.

But yes, the struggle. Struggle struggle.

My mummy bag is tight on the feet but warm as heck. I just don’t like the trapped feet feeling… But I spent one camping trip freezing my arse off and promised my self out would never happen again

I am 100% with you - I bought my mummy bag at a garage sale, and I’m taller than my bag, so it often slips off of me in the night haha. To counter, I sleep on my side and pull me knees in a bit and it doesn’t move as much

The two major benefits I’ve ever seen in mummy bags have to do with 1) cold weather camping…a close tapered fit eliminates cold air space and 2) mummy bags have less material and size so they pack smaller for backpacking. So if you have no direct need for either points…use a rectangular bag or quilt.

If I’m not sleeping below 20 degrees, my mummy bag is always unzipped and utilized more like a quilt.

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mummy bags are supposed to move with you - unlike traditional bags you can roll around in. When you roll over in a mummy bag - it can turn as you do. Have you considered trying a hybrid bag? I have heard great things about The North Face Eco Trail model - I think next on my “to buy” list (also available in an extra long version)

Check out the Zenbivy sleep systems. I bought one a couple of years ago. I love it so much I sold my beloved Marmot mummy bag. I usually sleep in a hammock when I camp, but the system is primarily designed for ground sleepers.

Marmot mummy sleeping bag is one of the good option to go. I purchased that from here: Buy Mummy Sleeping Bag For Adults & Kids - Up To 50% Off

Most people can learn to sleep in a mummy if it is long enough. Turn the bag with you. For milder weather I often use blankets or a rectangular bag. Mummies can be unzipped and used like a quilt. For the cold, use them the regular way. For extreme cold add blankets or put your mummy inside a rectangular.