Motorized trailer dolly

We are soon moving to a house where we can store our trailer in the garage. However, space is tight. We are looking for Recommendations on The best type of dolly we can buy to help “park” our trailer. Thanks!

just bought this for the boat. it’s rated at 5000lbs so we can’t use it on the camper but there are larger units up to 10,000lbs. it can be hand cranked or used with a cordless drill. you may need something commercial rated if there’s an incline or soft surfaces involved.

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Don’t know the weight of your trailer but we bought a pair of these to move our A-Frame trailer (2,200 lbs) around in our garage:

I lubed the bearings for the swivel casters and cleaned & lubed the axles before assembly and they work great. I can move the trailer across our concrete floor easily

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