Minnesota/Lake Superior/Hwy 61 Route

Looking for solitude along Route/Hwy 61 up Minnesota’s Lake Superior side. Any not so known beach camping? Off the beaten path kind?
I will be making this trip first week of August and taking 4/5 days traveling up the coast. Taking each day as it comes but figured it would be easier to ask.

Unfortunately, the whole north shore has been getting clobbered with a surge of visitors, and state parks have been filled to capacity every weekend–not to mention getting trashed by folks new to outdoor recreation who dont seem to understand principles of Leave No Trace. However, you may have more luck trying to camp on a week day. Gooseberry Falls has an awesome kayak-in campsite that is actually not far from the campground picnic area parking lot, and it is seldom used, however you ARENT able to reserve it. But is is on a sandy litle beach right at the confluence of Lake Superior and the Gooseberry River. Otherwise, for solitude you may have to go inland to some of the state forest or national forest campgrounds, there are some not far from the shore near Tettegouche for example, or go spmewhere like the end of the Gunflint Trail where there is a campground at Seagull Lake

Thank you so much for that Intel! It will be a weekday trip so hoping to allievate some of the masses we may come across. Sad to here people are not respecting nature and leaving garbage behind. We are of the opposite and love to adventure farther off the trail if need be to get away from civilization.

Hey Brittney, I’m sure you have found this in your own research and not sure what kind of equipment you are planning on using, but there are tons of back country sites along the Superior Hiking Trail. I am planning my own trip up there in late August and will be doing about a 30 mile stretch north of Silver Bay.

Happy trails!

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