Major problems with Dyrt Pro

I used the Pro version of this app on a recent cross country trip and it was really great when it worked. BUT!! On multiple occasions, when I would open the app without phone service, it would attempt to refresh the online campground database. Apparently when this happens, it first deletes the existing database, and I would get a white page that said something like “you are offline, go online to access campsites.” I was unable to access anything else in the app, including the maps I had previously downloaded for offline use. Just the white error message page. A couple times I was able to get a phone signal and download the database, and then the app would work again. But twice I was in a total dead zone and was left stranded with a worthless app. I was really banking on the offline access and was left seriously hanging the first time it happened. 11pm, 4000 miles from home, no service, no idea where to stay. After that I stopped depending on the offline access, so the Pro stuff became pretty useless. This app would be awesome if it was dependable but it definitely is NOT. Has anyone else had this problem???

I hope this gets fixes soon- I subscribed to the Pro version for exactly this purpose. Haven’t been out with it yet, but this is not encouraging.

Hey guys. I have been using the pro since March. I admit to having problems of one kind or another but for me I have to put it back on to my lack of knowledge on the correct use of the app. I still have issues and some are mine and some the app I would like to see a tutorial that I could refer to when I need it. I will say that the team at THEDYRT is very good at getting back to me when I do have an issue. The main feature I love is the off line maps. We spend a lot of time Boondocking and the off line maps brought us to our current site. We used the gps coordinates I got from a map and information on the campsite. Don’t give up I think you will find that it will work for you. Good luck and safe and happy adventures.

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Yes. Multiple times. Very disappointed with Pro Version in general. So, much so, I cancelled the renewal. There are other apps out there that are user friendly and more reliable.

Hi Josh, I’m sure the developer will get back to you on this, they have been very responsive if I’ve had an issue.

In addition to the database, under your account settings, have you also downloaded the offline maps for the area where will you will be? And turned off the “download over cellular”? Those are two things that I do when planning a trip to an area off the grid. You can also send a message to

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I have tried on numerous occasions to use the off-line functionality of the App, but ran into exactly the same problem you did, Josh. While not a fix, here’s one work around - screen shot the areas where you are looking to camp and then you can use your SmartPhone’s navigation system / map to find the campground in question (providing your cell service will let you use its map, but mine always does even without a signal). Hope this helps until Dyrt gets this problem fixed.

I HATE the Pro version. It is extremely buggy, freezes, closes. I thought it was just me, so thank you for posting. Cancelling Pro when my year ends.

Hey Melinda, I’m so sorry this is happening! It definitely should not. Do you mind reaching out to and telling them exactly the issues you are having and the phone you are using The Dyrt on? We should be able to fix these issues for you. Thanks!

Hey Stuart, thanks for sharing this alternative solution but this definitely should not be happening. Do you mind reaching out to and telling them the issues you are having and the phone you are using The Dyrt on? We should be able to help you fix these issues for you. Thanks!

Hey Josh, thanks so much for flagging up this issue. I have put in a ticket for this problem but I want to make sure we can help you address this problem ASAP. Do you mind emailing and telling them the issues you are having and the phone you are using The Dyrt on? We should be able to help you fix these issues for you. Thanks!

I don’t have or use the Pro version but here’s a possible workaround:

Download the data that you wish you access while offline. Then, while you still have connectivity, disable cellular data for the app (in the settings).

If you do this while you still have cellular connectivity, you can test to see if the data disappears when you launch the app. And, if it does, you can come up with a backup plan. I would turn off wifi as well when performing the test.