Looking to get into boondocking and I need small generator advice

what’s the best small generator for boondocking in my class C

It depends. Do you have a lot of electronics? Do you need to run A/C?

A lot of the folks that I have boondocked with have recommended this one, but usually the 3500 watt one (this one is the 2000 watt):

For ourselves, with an almost 40’ Class A with a power draining desktop tower (it has a 750 watt power supply), we have a generator for backup should we have “non sunny” days. We bought a dual fuel generator, because we’d rather run ours on propane:


Hope this helps!

We also have 1300 watts of solar panels on the top of our Class A, and 400 amp hours of lithium batteries (BattleBorn). We rarely need the generator once we upgraded to lithium batteries.

Go with the 3500w Predator Inverter from Harbor Freight. It’ll do just about everything you need to do. You will have to manage your power though. Such as watch when you use the microwave, coffee pot, air conditioner, etc at the same time. Otherwise, you should be good to go.

if you need a small generator this is a very helpful guide for you.

Good day evening night…wherever you are!
I am new to this, so the questions that may seem to have easy answers are not yet on my radar!
I am starting out in my 30 amp airstream next month. I would like to buy a generator to power if needed AC, space heater and possibly microwave. I don’t necessarily need all of these but want to be prepared for all possibilities for short or long term living in the camper.
Everyone rates and raves about Honda generator, rated quieter.
Any advice welcome.