Looking for hiking suggestions in Challis ID, Gallatin Gateway MT, and Irwin ID

I’m heading out to Idaho/MT/WY for my birthday in early September. I’ve never been and I am beyond excited! We have an Airbnb in Challis for our first three nights, Gallatin Gateway for 2 nights, then Irwin 3 nights. I am looking for suggestions for some good day hikes while in these areas. We are in great shape and very experienced hikers but being from Michigan we are just a little slower in the mountains due to the elevation change. I’ll probably limit our distance per hike to around 5-6 miles due to time.

Also, if anyone has suggestions for what type of clothing gear is best for early September, that would be helpful too.

Obviously, I have been researching all of this online, but it’s always more helpful coming from first-hand experiences. I figured this would be a great resource.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

There’s a really cool hike north of Challis that ends in a hot spring, might be worth your time :wink:


Also, south of Challis, the ghost town of Bayhorse is pretty interesting. Not quite a hike, but pretty cool nonetheless.

In Irwin, there’s a bunch of trails, the Big Elk Creek trail is pretty popular and pretty easy.

Idaho can do anything in September - the days can be 80 degrees but then it’ll drop to 40 overnight, or it’ll just snow outright. Definitely bring warmer stuff than you’d think for that time of year!

Edited to add another “hike” to Fall Creek Falls above the South Fork Snake River, which is a short drive off the highway near the bridge. Scrambling up and down the falls is a fun thing to do if its warm out. I’ve paddled by it too, the South Fork is fast moving but a pleasure to float and fish.