Let's share pictures of our earliest camping memories!

This is inspired by some vintage pictures that @Jean_C of her first backpacking trip as a kid in the “backpacking with kids” thread.

I don’t have any pictures, here’s a really dumb embarrassing video my brother, my friend, and I made while we were camping near Tahoe when I was twelve - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Te-VrzLuKB8

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Ha! That’s an awesome video! I wish I had photos of my earliest camping memory! I think I was about 7 and we went camping somewhere in New England (I think CT) with the extended family that I didn’t get to see very often. There were about 20 of us: aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents… the whole shebang. It was the first time I had scrambled eggs with bacon in them, my first campfire (I was a city kid), my first tick bite, and my first S’mores. I fed a chipmunk potato chips and it ate them out of my hand! I thought it was the coolest thing and still one of my favorite memories. We didn’t go camping again until I was 13 with friends of the family (not memorable), but those were the only two times I camped as a kid.

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No pictures, but my first camping experience was on Haleakala on Maui when I was 8 years old (1972). My dad was on a submarine that made a port visit to Maui. We rented a VW campervan and went up to the summit campground. There were “hippies” camping there too. We sat around a campfire and sang songs. It was a wonderful time and one that we still talk about. We were stationed in Hawai’i and camped all the time during the 8 years we lived there.