Let's share our backyard camping during Covid!

My backyard is too loud and bright for me to enjoy it, but everyone should share pictures of their backyard camping adventures during quarantine!

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Just had to get out of the house in Huntsville, AL


Looks like you have a great camping buddy there!!!

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Yup, he loves the camping!

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@Taylor that makes me think that there needs to be a camping dog badge… I know I have seen lots of our group who love taking their furry friends…!!! That would be awesome!!!

the very top of our list for the next round of badges (when we get to do that) is a Pooch Patrol badge - for taking pictures of dogs :slight_smile:

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That will be sooo seriously fun to see everyone’s travel fur-friends… I don’t travel with my dog but always enjoy seeing everyone’s adventures!!! SWEEEET

Since no campgrounds are open in North Carolina, we decided to set up a “frontier” camp at our place on Carter Mountain. We have almost 8 acres on top of a knoll, so this will have to do for now.


This is AMAZING, Myron!!

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