John Muir Trail

Anyone here ever hike the JMT? It’s been a goal of mine for the last few years. 212 miles of some of the most beautiful settings I’ve ever seen in pictures. Would love to chat you up if anyone’s done it. Thanks

I’ve hiked it. Consider joining this Facebook group. They have files on hand that answer many of the common questions, have posts that cover many topics, and you can also post your own question.

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Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I’m not on FB and never really plan to be. I have run across other websites and forums that discuss it, and I have a few books that tell you how to plan it. Was kind of looking for some personal experiences. Was it a good experience for you?

I did a section hike between Bishop and Mammoth Lakes! It was the most beautifully painful experience I’ve ever had and would love to go back!

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I have not, but my cousin wrote a book on it-

Oh course, I think that everyone that hikes it enjoys it. If you have questions, feel free to ask. Here’s a write up of my experience…

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JMT is a worthy goal. Just know that while there are plenty of great views to snap photos of…there are still times you don’t get the views or are agonizing up switchbacks. Pre-planning is critical on every level. Plus, what many don’t realize…you must “win” a permit through their lottery system to be permitted on the trail. We did not get our desired start date and it took several weeks of attempts before we got our “Golden Ticket.”