ISO packable and affordable sleeping bag

I have a trusty, yet bulky Coleman bag I use for short trips but for longer trips I am looking for a pack-able and affordable sleeping bag. I don’t get out much, and usually only in warm summer weather, so I can’t seem to rationalize investing in a super nice one.
Packable is key for me since I made the mistake of buying a smaller pack only 50L, right now sleeping bag takes up majority of it, thankfully friends are usually willing to carry food and other shared supplies :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for a really packable bag to use in the summer, maybe look into getting a quilt instead of a bag! They are really small, I just shove it into my backpack and ignore the stuff sack.

50L is more than enough if you have the right gear. Definitely ditch the Coleman if you’re planning on backpacking. I have a marmot trestles 20 degree bag which has been perfect. It comes with a compression sack so it packs down very small and it keeps me comfortable during summer camping. Only weighs 2 pounds 11 oz.

Thank you this is a great idea and I have been eyeing those Rumpl blankets they look amazing!

Thank you for the insight Derek! I was hoping for a more budget friendly option but will definitely keep an eye out for this one on sales!

quilts are a little different than your standard blanket. Backpacking quilts are basically a sleeping bag with less material

I only have cold weather mummy bags but I like this brand as a good value.