Ideas for a new National Park

What location would you choose to make a new National Park?

I just finished reading PrairyErth by William Least Heat-Moon, and that books mentions that there was once a possibility of making a Great Plains National Park in Kansas.

So what are your ideas?


The Big Sur coastline would be my nomination, I think! So beautiful and so much to explore but needs some preserving…


The Great Dismal Swamp in NC and VA


Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction Colorado!


The Wisconsin Dells in Wisconsin would have been a great National Park land - stunning natural features adjacent to the stories of the last glaciated period. Unfortunately - won’t happen. It’s been totally privatized by waterparks and manmade tourist attractions - the Dells themselves are now merely a sideshow. :unamused:

Do you recall that an amusement park was proposed for that area? We used to wonder what it would have been like. I lived up the road from the GDS in Chesapeake. We enjoyed riding our bikes and running along the canal. Saw the biggest Timber Rattler and water moccasin there!

Love that place! It was so empty when we went to visit last month… hidden gems are the best, aren’t they?