Ideal 2 person bumper pull

Hello fellow campers!

My husband and I have been on the hunt for a smaller pull-behind camper. It’s just the 2 of us plus our 2 dogs who go camping and I’ve loved some feedback on brands and layouts that y’all have had experience with. We will be buying used.

To give a little context:

  • We used to have a skoolie that we renovated ourselves. We enjoyed the process, but found that 1- we were always driving a second vehicle, which wasn’t a good use of our time. 2- We weren’t going out often enough and we were concerned that the lack of running the engine would be bad in the long term.
  • We’d like a queen bed and a full bath.
  • We don’t want to upgrade vehicles, so between 18-25 feet and less than 6000 preferred.
  • Most of our camping is in the south, so good AC and insulation is a plus
  • If anyone has actually flipped an RV like this, I’d love to know. I will be doing some renovations.


We bought an rpod 180. It is 20 ft. Has queen bed, full bath. It’s me and husband and 2 large dogs. We use dining area as dog bed :grin:. We live in Florida so a/c is a must. It works great but LOUD. We love it!!


We’ve been checking out Rpods! Those doggos look like they’re living the life. :smiley:

Two years ago we bought a 2012 Coleman 14’ (inside) 17’ outside x 8’ wide in primo condition. Private sale for $5,500 (included sway bars & hitch). 2 Adults and 1 large Saluki dog. We bring tons of extra crap when we camp and it’s more like “glamping”. This trailer is lightweight at 2639 lbs and our 2009 Jeep Liberty pulls it just fine. It has a toilet w/shower, 3 burner stove, microwave, single sink & refridge. 201 2Dutchmen_Coleman14FD floorplan

The Lance is built in California and does not have the toxic odors that others have. Note this when you are shopping. It is also a true 4-season travel trailer which makes a huge difference. I may be a little late joining in since you posted this in April. Perhaps this will be helpful to someone.

We had a 2017 Coachman Clipper Cadet for the two of us an one huge Berger Blanc Suisse. It had a queen sized bed, plenty of storage and a comfortable layout. Dry weight was 2800 lbs. We got a Getman shepherd and that forced us into a bigger trailer.

Had a Kodiak Cub RD176 and it was perfect for 2 people and a dog. Big windows on 3 sides in the back with the U shaped dinette. Full bath, kitchen in middle and an east/west queen in the front. It sat high off ground and the AC worked great. It was loud because it wasn’t ducted but it worked well and with all the windows there was a cross breeze when opened. Storage was good for this size camper.

We have a 2021 Rpod 190 which has the large Ushaped dinette and queen bed… one small dog but it’s worth checking this out. Because I’ve had bigger rigs but the smaller one is light and easy to get around in. We did 4000 miles after picking it up in Colorado to get home to South Florida. I love this TT