I'd like to interview you for my case study of the Dyrt App (student project)

Hello Dyrt Community!

I am currently studying/practicing digital product design (i.e. mobile apps) and since I use The Dyrt app myself, my mission is to help people find reliable campground information based on recent real user reviews in order for users to choose a campground that best fits their needs.

I am working on a case study of The Dyrt app. I’m trying to identify user pain-points and frustrations during a campground review process , which in turn leads to fewer reviews being left, which in turn leads to not being able to find a reliable campground and knowing what to expect. Why – or why not – do users of the app leave or don’t leave campground reviews? Are they potential frustrations or friction during the process of leaving a review? Is it easy or difficult to figure out how to leave a review?

Have you left reviews on the app? Have you ever given up on leaving a review? Have you never left a review on the app? What’s your process of leaving a review? I’d love to connect virtually and interview you and get an insight for my case study and ask you questions for about 30 minutes.

I hope at least 5-7 of you who read this reach out to me (@ tag me)! Anything helps, any insight into your experience helps with my case study. Thanks so much!

-Ursula (@urzzz)