I need a 0 degree sleeping bag for shoulder season backpacking

There’s plenty of hefty 0 degree sleeping bags but i’m looking for something light (preferably under 2 pounds). Nothings worse than a freezing night out on the trail. thanks in advance.

I have the zero bag from Klymit and really like it. It’s a little heavier than what you’re looking for at 3.9lbs, but it packs pretty small. I’m pretty sure I caught it on sale at some point too… or maybe it was at a booth they had somewhere.

Other than that I love Nemo Equipments stuff. I have one of their 35deg spoon bags and it’s awesome. Another brand I’ve heard great things about is FeatheredFriends… but you have to be ready to spend for one of them.

I don’t think you’ll find anything out there with those two measures: 0 degree, under 2 lbs. Greenbelly has a pretty good article/list of ultralight sleeping bags, but again, none of them get down to 0 degrees. I think the closest is 15 degree and 1lb 15oz. REI has one close to that as well. Article here: https://www.greenbelly.co/pages/best-ultralight-sleeping-bags. If you are looking for budget-friendly in a 0 degree but with a little more weight (~3.3lbs) Katahdin has one for $100 and has decent reviews (https://www.hykeandbyke.com/products/katahdin-0-degree-f-625-fill-power-hydrophobic-sleeping-bag-with-advanced-synthetic-ultra-lightweight-4-season-men-s-and-women-s-mummy-bag-designed-for-backpacking). Hope that helps some?

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Have you looked at sleeping bag liners? There’s a few that can add 25+ degrees to your bag you already have. I’m in the same situation, I have a whopping -30 degree bag that my dad gave me from the 80’s but its massive and a struggle to get into any real stuffsack. I was thinking of adding a liner to my 30 degree bag to get it down near 0 degree rating.

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I have a Big Agnes Daisy Mae zero degree that comes in at just under 3lbs. It’s a women’s bag. :slight_smile: so it might be too small.

Liners are terrific. They add warmth, and also extend the time between cleaning the bag.

Hey hope you’re still looking for a bag. I made an account just to help you out. You’re looking for the Rab Equipment mythic 600. Under 2 pounds, rated at 3 degrees Fahrenheit. Rab has always been conservative with their ratings and this bag is warmer then the many other heavier zeros that I have. Hope this helps!