How to stop condensation in a teardrop trailer

We are new to teardrop camping, but love it! We have a ceiling fan that we use to “vent” with, sucking air “out” for cooler temps, but still end up with condensation inside on the windows and such. Any creative solutions? Thanks!

We leave the widows open as much as we can and that seems to help. Maybe a small plug in fan as well? Air circulation is key.

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thanks! The problem is, the only time we truly use the teardrop is when it’s cold outside, so we don’t want to open the windows and really don’t want a fan. So we need creative solutions :grimacing:

Just a crack can help!


I bought a entrance area tent that goes on one side. The door can then be left open and the windows can be unzipped in the tent when it’s warm. It’s just a small area but I thought it would be great to keep the door open for cooling in warm temps or open a bit for condensation when cooler. It doesn’t perfectly fit my teardrop so bugs have a nice entranceway along the bottom (there is close to a foot gap below the door). I think I will also have to find a different way but I like this idea.

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Thanks Art! We actually have windows in ours, but the way they are installed means that to “crack” one would allow cold air to blow directly on our faces as we slept. Need to find a work around. I do, however, like the idea of your “tarp” to allow easier in/out in the rain! Thank you!

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I have 4 mushroom vents that I unscrew from outside the teardrop to let air in. The fan on top pulls it out. I love the breeze when it’s warm but don’t like the cold air on my face. Turning the fan off and leaving the vents open doesn’t get rid of the condensation. This is a consistent conversation with vanlifers too. I have seen some put small dehumidifiers in. Sometimes I open the door for a bit if I wake up in the night or early and huddle under the blankets to change the air but it’s not ideal :slight_smile:

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Venting is the key. Even in the cold, we keep the windows cracked open a little and the roof vent cracked. Seems to work for us.

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This thread is super useful - I just moved into a van and will definitely keep all this info in mind as we move into the colder months

You could look into a Froli Bed system. A grid that goes under your mattress, to allow air flow and added comfort. Alot of people have said it does help with condensation with the improved air flow around the warm bed.

or you could always try some moisture removes like damp rid -

Thanks! I’ve thought about Damp Rid (I used to live in TX and everyone uses it there!), but not purchased yet. Appreciate you reminding me! Cheers!

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For my van on cold nights, I set the dashboard AC vents all the way to the end of the dial which then just lets in fresh air. Then I set the Fantastic fan on the lowest pulling out speed. This combo works as a white noise maker and airflow without chilling us.
Maybe add some small screened vents somewhere or find an existing one in your Tab Trailer, like behind the fridge or bathroom that you can open just a crack.