How to choose to a rv tow vehicle

I have a PT cruiser, and I’m looking to buy an RV to tow it on my trips. If possible flat towing would be preferred. Is there specifications an RV needs to have beore I do this?

First, double check with the manufacturer that you car can be towed four wheels down based on year, model, and transmission. The RV should have a receiver for a hitch and electrical hookup. Most RVs can tow 10-15,000 lbs so you should be ok with the cruiser.

The car will need a base plate (that gets mounted on the front of the car) and a tow bar that attaches the car to the RV. I have used a Blue Ox system for 9 years and am very happy with it. The kits come with an electrical cord for lights, safety chains, and a brake away switch to stop the car in the event it comes loose.

Most states require a supplemental braking system (i.e., Brake Buddy or Air Force One systems) and It is a great safety feature. When you push the brakes in the RV, the car brakes too.

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I agree with Nancy. I’d second that we would recommend a Blue Ox towing system. We also had a RVibrake system. We really loved our entire setup. The RVibrake system comes with a tablet connected to the car apparatus that stays with you in the RV. It allows you to see if it you connected the system correctly and when/if it engages while you’re driving. I’d also mention a couple other points, 1. having a rear camera in the RV really gave us piece of mind on the road, that way we could keep an eye on things and switch lanes easier 2. when it is all new to you, keep a written check list handy until you really have connection/disconnection mastered. It is easy to forget certain steps and that could be pretty dangerous to you (and others) once you hit the road. Good luck!