How has it been this summer for full-timers?

Just curious - as camping is probably the most popular it’s ever been - has it been difficult for you full-timers to find campgrounds? What’s your overall experience been like this summer?

I’m not a full timer yet but I can say finding somewhere to go has been more difficult this year than past years. However it is really cool to see so many other families enjoying what we have been doing for over 10 years. Soooooo even though it may be difficult for me I’m happy to see others enjoying more family time that they may have not gotten in the past, so that is a positive in my eyes. :slight_smile: :smile:

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It has been difficult to find campgrounds that are not full. Also, many state parks near me (NC, SC, VA) require a two night minimum stay. With that said, this summer has been crowded and with the restrictions, it has been difficult.

We have noticed the longer you want to stay at a RV campground the farther out you need plan. We are finding open spots harder to find on our first or second phone call, but we always seem to find a place for 1-3 nights with out much problems, as long as you have time to make calls to make the reservations. However if we want to stay a week or two. We are finding we need to plan at least one or tow sometime 3 months out to get that kind of reservation. Yes more folks are out there competing for RV camp sites, but as the weather changes I think that may change some or at least we hope so