How full is Badlands Boondocking these days?

Our family is planning to be in the Badlands sometime in the last half of September. With four young kids, we like to have reservations, but the dispersed camping on Hwy. 240 outside Wall looks amazing. Reviews seem mixed in terms of how crowded or empty it is, which I assume is highly seasonal. Can anyone offer an educated opinion on if we’re likely to be able to find a spot for our tent on one of the last two Sundays of September?

Hi there! It sounds like you’re planning a fun family trip to the Badlands in September. While I can’t offer a definitive answer on how crowded the dispersed camping on Hwy. 240 will be, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan in case there aren’t any spots available. Have you considered making a reservation at a nearby campsite just in case? That way, you can have peace of mind and still have the option to try for the dispersed camping if it’s not too crowded. Have a great trip!